Archangel Candles

Archangel Candles are candles specifically designed and used in spiritual practice to invoke, connect and work with the archangels. At Candle Art, we offer you the best angel candles so that you can improve your spiritual practices and strive for the wellbeing you long for.

Connect with divine energy: Archangel Candles for protection and spiritual guidance

Connecting with divine energy and seeking spiritual protection and guidance is a common practice in many spiritual traditions. Candles for angels and archangels are a powerful tool used to invoke the presence and receive the help of these spiritual beings. These candles are imbued with sacred symbols and powerful intentions that help to create a bond with the archangels and attract their assistance in different aspects of life.

Wide selection of Archangel Candles with sacred symbols and powerful intentions.

Archangel candles come in a variety of colours, designs and scents, each of which is associated with a specific archangel and their particular attributes. These candles often have sacred symbols imprinted on them, such as divine names, sigils or representative images of the archangel in question. Some candles may also be made with special ingredients, such as herbs, essential oils or resins, as this enhances their connection to divine energy.

Find the right Archangel Candle to invoke his presence and receive his help
To find the right archangel candle, you can consider the following steps:

a) Research and learn about archangels: Explore the different traditions and teachings that mention archangels. This will help you identify which archangel may be most relevant to your needs.
b) Tune into your intuition: Allow yourself to tune into your intuition and listen to your inner guidance. Notice which archangel or attributes resonate with you on an intuitive level.
c) Say a prayer or affirmation: Before lighting the candle, you can say a prayer or affirmation addressed to the appropriate archangel. For example, you can say: “Archangel Michael, I invoke you to protect and guide me on my path. May your powerful light surround me and dispel any negative energy. Thank you for your loving presence and support”.

Benefits and significance of Archangel Candles in your spiritual practices

Archangel candles are powerful, as long as they are of good quality. At Candle Art, we provide our customers with candles made of the highest quality beeswax. In addition, the candles are ritualized and magnetized for each request of our customers.

How Archangel Candles can strengthen your connection to the higher realms

Establish an energetic link: Archangel candles act as a channel to establish an energetic link with the higher realms. Lighting a specific candle associated with a particular archangel creates a vibrational connection that helps you attune to their energy and presence.
Focus intention and devotion: By lighting an archangel candle during your spiritual practices, you are setting a clear intention and showing your devotion to that particular archangel. The candle acts as a tangible, visual symbol of your connection and your desire to receive the guidance, protection or assistance of the archangel concerned.

Discover the most revered Archangels and their corresponding Devotional Candles

These are the candles of the 7 most revered archangels:

  • Archangel Michael: Known as the protector and divine warrior, he is associated with the colour orange.
  • Archangel Gabriel: Known as the divine messenger and the archangel of communication, he is associated with the natural colour of wax.
  • Archangel Samael: Known as the archangel of justice and divine strength, he is associated with the colour red.
  • Archangel Raphael: Known as the archangel of healing and protection of travellers, he is associated with the colour yellow.
  • Archangel Sachiel: Known as the archangel of prosperity and abundance, he is associated with the colour blue.
  • Archangel Anael: Known as the archangel of love and harmony, he is associated with the colour pink.
  • Archangel Cassiel: Known as the archangel of time and patience, he is associated with the colour purple.

Frequently Asked Questions about Archangel Candles

Frequently asked questions from other users may help you find the answer you are looking for. Here are some of them.

What are Archangel Candles, and how are they used in spiritual practices?

A 7 archangels candle is a set of candles designed to invoke and connect with the energy of the archangels in spiritual practices. They are used by lighting them with a specific intention and making prayers or affirmations addressed to the corresponding archangel, seeking his protection, guidance and assistance in different aspects of life.

What is the purpose of invoking the Archangels through candles in rituals?

The purpose of invoking the Archangels through candles in rituals is to establish a connection with their divine energy to receive protection, spiritual guidance and assistance in different areas of life. The candles act as a means to focus the intention and strengthen the connection with the Archangels during the ritual.

How do I select the right Archangel Candle for my intentions and needs?

To select the appropriate Archangel candles, research the attributes and spheres of influence of the Archangels. Tune into your intuition and choose the candle whose colours, symbols and attributes resonate with you. You can also read the descriptions to find the most appropriate one.