Archangels Pentagram

How to invoke the Archangels

The archangel symbols or angelic pentagram from Candle Art. Ritualised and energetically prepared to work exclusively with our candles. It is an angelic ritual.

Our devotion to the Archangels is projected into an exclusive design where all 7 take part; each one a specialist in an area. Be it Comfort, Strength, Wisdom, Luck, Love, Changes of Destiny and Protection. Each ritual to invoke the archangels must be done on a specific day, where the planetary intercession and the day of the week of each archangel governs.

The Archangels, who are they?

The unique potency of these candles in combination with the strength of these beings of light gives such an exceptional and rapid result that it is difficult to measure.
Gabriel, Samael, Raphael, Sachiel, Anael, Cassiel and Michael; Archangel Princes of Light.
All of them have passed through the levels of instruction to which the human creature is susceptible, rising to become protectors of heaven, and are framed within their Army, within the third celestial triad.

Celestial Triads:

1st Triad (divine counsellors): Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones.

2nd Triad (heavenly governors): Dominations, Powers, Principalities.

3rd Triad (divine intermediaries): Archangels, Angels and Guardian Angel.

Devoid of all impurities; a pure and immaterial being, with zero material influence. They serve directly the instructions of the Creator, where they are the intermediaries between Him and men.
With the symbols of archangels or angelic pentagram. With FAITH and devotion to the 7 archangels we can invoke them. But it would be presumptuous to have them at our disposal all the time.
They will intercede to our supplications, since their nature is to shine the Light and banish darkness. Provided we make the request with FAITH and are worthy of it.

With such a pure material as this candle, we can achieve, if we make the request with FAITH, a divine favour. Favoured by the beeswax which is the best conductor of energy that exists, added to the intercession of the Angels, it is a very powerful ritual since it is prepared for a specific day of the week where the energies are favourable to the candles and the archangels, princes of light.

We can invoke the Archangels each on their own day of the week.