Candles with esoteric figures

Esoteric figure candles are very popular in rituals, as the figure depicted on the candle has a specific symbolic or energetic meaning that is associated with certain intentions or purposes. If you are looking for the best figure candles, here at Candle Art we explain everything you need to know to attract and channel good vibes into your life.


Ignite the magic: Esoteric Figurine Candles to empower your rituals and wishes

Ignite the magic with figurine candles to empower your esoteric rituals and achieve your wishes! These special candles are designed to channel energies and symbolism to help you manifest your deepest intentions.

Wide selection of Esoteric Figurine Candles that channel energies and symbolism.

Esoteric figure candles are decorative candles that feature shapes and symbols related to the esoteric, spiritual or mystical world.
When these candles are lit, the energy of the figure depicted is released, helping to focus and empower the intentions and desires of the practitioner. Each figure has its own symbolic and energetic meaning, allowing the user to connect with different spiritual or mystical aspects.

Find the perfect Esoteric Figure Candle for manifesting your deepest intentions

Finding the perfect esoteric figure candle to manifest your deepest intentions requires a bit of exploration and personal connection. Here are some tips to help you find it:

Research: Research different esoteric symbols and figures that resonate with you and your intentions. You can look for books, online resources, or even consult people who practice esoteric rituals to gain information about the symbolism associated with each figure.
Intuition: When exploring different candles with esoteric figures, pay attention to the ones that generate an emotional response or intuitive connection for you. The candle that you are naturally drawn to is likely to be aligned with your deepest intentions.
Specialist consultation: If you feel lost or want more specific guidance, you can seek the advice of professionals or experts in esoteric practices.

Meaning and power of Esoteric Figure Candles in the practice of magic

Esoteric Figurine Candles are powerful elements in the practice of magic, as their design and symbolism can help you focus and empower your desires. For us, at Candle Art, it is essential that you achieve your goals, that is why we offer you the best quality candles made with beeswax and ritualized for each request of our customers.

How Esoteric Figure Candles can focus and empower your intentions.

These candles act as a channel to connect with the spiritual or mystical world and to manifest your wishes on the physical plane. Visualisation and concentration on the figure during the ritual helps to direct your energy and focus towards your deepest intentions.

Discover the most popular esoteric figures and their candle symbolism

  • Man-man candle: This esoteric figure represents male energy and is used for rituals related to power, protection and masculinity.
  • Woman-woman candle: This figure represents feminine energy and is used in rituals related to intuition, fertility and connection with divine feminine energy.
  • Red vagina candle: This candle symbolises femininity, passion and sexuality. It is used in rituals related to love, attraction and self-esteem.
  • 7-wick candle: This candle is associated with high intensity magic and is used for rituals of power, protection and rapid manifestation.
  • Buddha candle: This esoteric figure represents wisdom, enlightenment and inner peace. It is used in rituals related to meditation, harmony and spiritual quest.
    Phallus candle: This figure symbolises virility and male sexual energy. It is used in rituals related to fertility, sexual desire and male potency.
    Skull candle: This candle represents death and transformation. It is used in rituals related to overcoming obstacles, protection and connection to the spiritual world.
    Male-female candle: This candle represents the union of male and female energies. It is used in rituals of balance, love and harmony in relationships.
  • Couple embracing candle: This esoteric figure symbolises love, union and emotional connection in relationships. It is used in rituals of love, reconciliation and strengthening of bonds.
  • Male cleansing candle: This figure is used in cleansing and energetic purification rituals specifically aimed at male energy, helping to remove blockages and negativity.
  • Female cleansing candle: Similar to the male cleansing candle, this candle is used in cleansing and energetic purification rituals focused on feminine energy, removing obstacles and promoting harmony.
  • Pyramid candle: Represents ancient wisdom and power. The pyramid shape is associated with the connection between heaven and earth, symbolising spiritual ascension and the balance between the divine and the earthly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Esoteric Figure Candles

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our users regarding esoteric figure candles.

What are Esoteric Figurine Candles, and how are they used in magic and rituals?
Esoteric Figure Candles are decorative candles with mystical or esoteric symbols. They are used in magic and rituals to channel energies and empower purposes. When lit, the energy of the figure is released and a connection to the spiritual world is established.

What is the meaning of the different esoteric figures on the candles?

Each candle has its own meaning and is used for different esoteric practices, as we have seen in the previous section. It is important to research and connect with the symbolism that resonates with you personally.

How can I empower and charge the Candles with Esoteric Figures for effective results?

To empower and charge Candles with Esoteric Figures, you can follow these steps:

Cleanse and purify the candle energetically.
Focus your intention and visualise the desired result as you light the candle.
You can recite a mantra or perform a specific ritual related to the figure.
Keep the candle burning until it is completely consumed, allowing the energy to release and manifest your intentions.