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Use: The man shaped candle is very effective to clean all the energies and black magics that may be around you. It is recommended to perform the ritual with the man candle in the affected place and always invoking the Archangel Michael.


  • Weight: 0,072 kg
  • Measures: 6 cm × 3,5 cm × 17 cm


How and when to use the man candle?

The man candle is an object used in certain esoteric practices and energetic cleansing rituals. It is used in situations where there is a sense of darkness, distrust and an uncertain future. If symptoms such as tiredness, depression, nightmares, bad luck and rough patches are also experienced, it is believed that someone may have performed black magic work. However, in most cases, it is enough that they speak ill of us or hate us for our life to be negatively affected.

Examples of uses of the candle in the shape of a man

Here are some examples of times when you should stop whatever you are doing and light a candle:

  • Feeling a negative presence in your environment and wishing to cleanse and purify the energy.
  • Experiencing a run of bad luck and seeking to reverse it.
  • Feeling an emotional oppression and seeking freedom from negative influences.
  • Dealing with recurring nightmares and wanting to protect yourself in your sleep.
  • Perceiving an environment charged with dense energies and wanting to transform it into a more positive and harmonious one.

How many candles should I use?

We advise to always use 3 candles for 3 consecutive weeks. One each week on its corresponding day. The strength of the first candle will reinforce the second, and the strength of the first and second will reinforce the third. The result is more optimal than not lighting only one candle.

Ritual with the man candle

The ritual with the candle in the shape of a man can be performed to free yourself from negative energies and to restore harmony. Light the candle and concentrate on your intentions for purification and protection. Visualise the flame consuming any negative influences around you. Recite a prayer or mantra that reinforces your desire for healing and liberation. 

This ritual can be repeated regularly as needed.

At Candle Art, we only work with natural beeswax, and we ritualise and magnetise all our candles with the needs of our clients in mind. So your rituals will be very effective.

Frequently asked questions about the man candle

These are some of the most frequently asked questions from our users. We have answered them to help you too.

Does the Man Shaped Candle leave residue or stains?

The candle leaves residue only inside the container when consumed. For protection, a wooden board can be placed underneath the aluminium container. However, it is best to place the candle in the centre of a room, on the floor, away from other objects to avoid damage in case of a fall.

Is it safe to leave the Man Candle burning unattended?

It is advisable to keep an eye on the candle during the first hour of lighting. If the candle weeps, the tear will stick to the base, preventing it from being knocked over. It is advisable to take a look from time to time while the candle is burning. If you have pets, close the door to the room where the candle is to prevent them from knocking it over. Also, as an additional precaution, it is recommended that no one sleeps in the room where the ritual is being performed, as the flame consumes the surrounding oxygen.

If I have doubts about which candle is best for me?

Candle Art will inform you via WhatsApp (+34)675 384 469 without any obligation what candle or what combination of candles you have to use to solve your problem.

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Weight 0,072 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3,5 × 17 cm

Black, Natural


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