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Candle to attract love


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Use: The candle to attract love is one of the best esoteric products that can bring you closer to your better half, giving you the energy you need to make the beginning of your relationship easy and light. Then you will have to combine it with the perpetual love candles, which allows you to take care of this relationship you have started in the best way.


  • To do the ritual on Friday
  • Colour: Natural.
  • Measures: 20 cm x 3,6 cm
  • Petition: Love


How and when to use candles to attract love?

Love candles are candles that are used in rituals and esoteric practices for attracting romantic love, strengthening existing relationships or fostering self-love. They act as symbols representing love energy and are used as tools to channel and focus love-related intentions.

All candles in our Candle Art online shop are made from pure beeswax and are specially magnetised according to the needs of each of our customers.

It is better to light three candles for three consecutive weeks, one each week, rather than just one candle.

The strength of the candles reinforces each other, which produces a more optimal result.

Examples of uses of the honey candle for love

We leave you with some examples of uses you can give the candles to attract the love of a man or woman, so you can choose the one that best fits what you need:

  • Before a romantic date, light one of the love candles and visualise the encounter filled with love, connection, and harmony.
  • If you are looking for a serious relationship, light a love candle and focus on attracting someone who shares your values and life goals.
  • To overcome a break-up and open yourself to new love, light a love candle and meditate on emotional healing and attracting a more positive love relationship.
  • If you wish to rekindle the passion in your current relationship, light a candle and visualise the intimate connection and spark between you and your partner.
  • If you are looking to strengthen communication and understanding in your relationship, light a love candle and visualise loving and sincere communication between you and your partner.

Ritual with a honey candle of love

Prepare a quiet and safe environment to perform your ritual and choose a candle to attract love. Light it carefully and sit close to it.

As the candle burns, focus on your desire to find true love. Vividly visualise the loving relationship you long for, with all the details that make you feel happy.

Recite positive affirmations related to love and attraction. You can say phrases such as “I am open to love and I deserve it”, or “I attract into my life a relationship full of love and happiness”.

Let the candle burn out completely, while keeping your thoughts focused on love. Feel gratitude and trust in the universe for listening and responding to your wishes.

Finally, keep the remains of the candle as a symbol of your intentions and place them in a special place, such as an altar or a box dedicated to love. This will constantly remind you of your wishes and help you to keep a positive and open mindset towards love.

Frequently asked questions about the love candle

Now that you know what the honey love candle is for, we want to answer some of the questions that may have popped into your mind. We hope you find them helpful.

How long does a love candle last on average?

It lasts about eight hours, but it will depend on the intensity of the problem you are going through. The candle will burn out much sooner if it has to undo a very negative situation because from the first moment it will work with its maximum strength to absorb everything negative. In the case of less serious and urgent concerns, the candle will burn quietly and take longer to burn out.

Does the love candle leave residues or stains?

The love candle only leaves residue in the container in which it is placed. Our Candle Art products include an aluminium container that is perfect for collecting the candle residue from your rituals. It is best to place the candle in the centre of a room and on the floor, away from other objects, in case the candle is knocked over, to prevent it from damaging what is around it.

If I have doubts about which candle is best for me?

Candle Art will inform you via WhatsApp (+34) 675 384 469 without any obligation what candle or what combination of candles you have to use to solve your problem.

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