How to make a spiritual request with a candle

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How to make a spiritual request with a candle

How to light a candle to ask for something

  1. Choose the right candle: Not all candles mean the same thing and are not suitable for the same requests, so before lighting the candle, select one that is associated with your specific request. We will tell you how to do this later.
  2. Prepare the environment: Find a quiet place where you can be at peace for a few moments. Clear the area of distractions and make sure the candle is placed in a safe holder.
  3. Focus on your wish: Before lighting the candle, take a moment to focus on your wish or request. Clearly visualise what you are seeking and focus on that image.
  4. Light the candle with intention: When you light the candle, do so with a sense of purpose. As the flame comes to life, imagine that you are sending your wish out into the universe.

Meaning of candle colour

As we have already mentioned, the colours of the candles play a fundamental role in the candle petition ritual. In fact, each specific colour has a specific meaning that you need to know and respect if you really want to take advantage of the energy and symbolism of the candles. But what does each colour mean? Here we tell you!

  1. White candle: Symbolises purity and peace. It is commonly used for requests related to clarity, truth and spiritual healing.
  2. Red candle: Represents passion and energy. Used for requests related to love, strength and courage.
  3. Green candle: Associated with health and prosperity. Ideal for requests related to healing, abundance and financial well-being.
  4. Blue candle: Symbolises calm and tranquillity. Used for requests related to peace, harmony and communication.
  5. Yellow candle: Represents joy and creativity. Perfect for requests related to success, inspiration and happiness.
  6. Purple candle: Associated with spirituality and intuition. Used for requests related to personal growth, intuition and spiritual connection.

What to do after lighting the candle?

After lighting the candle, take a moment to express your gratitude. Be grateful for the opportunity to make your request and for the energy you are releasing into the universe. This will fill your ritual with good energy and ensure greater effectiveness.

Next, we recommend that you store the candle in a safe place, away from drafts. Ideally, the candle should burn completely, as this symbolises that your wish has been sent out into the universe.

That’s all there is to it! As you can see, lighting a candle to make a spiritual request is not complicated, but it is a ritual that needs to be performed with awareness. So, next time you go to buy an esoteric ritual candle from our catalogue, keep these tips in mind!

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