Incense to Clean the House

incense to clean the house

Incense to Clean the House


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Use: The incense to clean the house is one of the most effective ways to ensure that our home is protected and free of any negative energy.

This cleaning incense is perfect for cleaning your home and all the people who live in it.


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  • Measures: 13 cm x 7,5 cm x 2 cm 


How and when to use the cleaning incense?

If you want to know what cleansing incense is for, you should know that it is a tool used in mystical and esoteric practices with the purpose of purifying and harmonising the environment. With a mixture of herbs and aromatic resins, it is burnt in the form of incense. The incense smoke has purifying and energetic properties that help to dissipate negative energies and raise the vibrations of the environment. This tradition is rooted in various cultures and beliefs, where it is used to promote tranquillity, protection, meditation and to establish spiritual connections. Its practice seeks to create an atmosphere conducive to introspection and well-being.

Examples of uses of incense for bad energies

Here are some examples of situations in which you will need to make use of this incense to achieve the spiritual goals you have:

  • After moving into a new home to cleanse and purify the space.
  • Before a meditation session or spiritual practices to create the right atmosphere.
  • After an argument or tense situation to dispel negative energy.
  • When sensing a strange or unpleasant presence in the environment to protect the home.
  • During times of stress or anxiety to promote calm and relaxation.
  • When wishing to start a new cycle or project to attract positive energies.
  • To cleanse everyday objects and charge them with good vibrations.
  • Before receiving guests to create a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere.
  • When you feel that the home is charged or stagnant in energy, to revitalise it.

Ritual with sandalwood to cleanse the house

To perform a ritual with this incense to cleanse my house, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your space: Find a quiet, comfortable area where you can perform the ritual without distractions.
  1. Light the charcoal: Place a piece of charcoal in a heat-resistant container and light it with a match or lighter. Allow it to become covered with ashes before continuing.
  1. Add the incense: Carefully place small amounts of incense on the burning charcoal to produce smoke.
  2. Visualisation: As the incense burns, close your eyes and visualise how the smoke purifies and clears the space of negative energies.
  1. Intentions: Express your intentions out loud or mentally, asking for protection, harmony or whatever you wish to manifest.
  2. Gratitude: Thank the spiritual forces or entities you believe in for their help and presence.
  1. Completion: Let the incense burn out completely, or carefully extinguish it if necessary. Open the windows to let the smoke out.
  1. Reflect: Take a moment to reflect on the ritual and how you feel after completing it.


At Candle Art, we only work with the best quality products. All of our products have been personally ritualised and magnetised with the needs of our customers in mind.

Frequently asked questions about incense for bad vibes

We leave you with some of the most frequently asked questions from our users about our products, so that they can help you in this process that you are about to undertake.

What do I have to do while the incense for bad vibes incense burner is burning?

During the ritual, it is important to focus mentally on the wish being fulfilled, visualising the desired situation as a film in our mind. In this way, we will imbue the ritual with our longing. Although the incense is already magnetised for the specific case, it is not superfluous to convey our good wishes or intentions.

Does the incense for home harmony have a specific aroma or fragrance?

No. Only the aroma of the incense itself. They are esoteric incense, not decorative or aromatic, intended to improve or solve personal situations in life.

If I have doubts about which candle is best for me?

Candle Art will inform you via WhatsApp (+34)675 384 469 without any obligation what product or what combination of candles you have to use to solve your problem.

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Weight 0,030 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7,5 × 2 cm


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