Esoteric oils

Esoteric oils are used in various transcendental practices, such as magic, witchcraft and esotericism. These esoteric essential oils have energetic properties and can be used for different purposes. At Candle Art, we have the best quality products, and we explain everything you need to know to use them in the most effective way.


Empower your rituals with Esoteric Oils: Energy and magic in every drop

Esoteric oils are popular tools used in various magical and spiritual practices to empower intentions and manifest desires.

Wide selection of Esoteric Oils with powerful ingredients and mystical properties.

Esoteric Oils are carefully crafted blends of carrier oils and a variety of mystical ingredients, such as herbs, plants, minerals, essences and extracts. Each ingredient used is selected for its specific magical and energetic properties, intended to focus and empower intentions and results.

In addition, they may also contain plant essences or extracts, which are liquid concentrates of the essential compounds of a plant. These essences have powerful aromatic and energetic properties and are used to add an extra dimension to esoteric oils.

Find the right Esoteric Oil to empower your magical intentions and practices

Finding the right Esoteric Oil for your magical intentions and practices may require a little research and experimentation. Here are some steps you can take to find the right oil:

  1. Define your intention: Before choosing an esoteric oil, clarify your goal and the intention behind your magical practice – are you seeking protection, love, abundance or healing? Once you clearly understand of your intention, you can search for an oil that aligns with it.
  2. Research the ingredients: Learn about the different ingredients used in esoteric oils and their mystical properties. Research the herbs, plants and minerals associated with your intention and choose those that resonate with you.
  3. Test and experiment: Once you have selected an esoteric oil, try it in your rituals and magical practices. See how you feel and what results you get. Remember that everyone is unique and may have different experiences with the same oils, so give yourself time to explore and adjust as needed.

Benefits and Uses of Esoteric Oils in Spirituality and Magic

Esoteric Oils are widely used tools in spirituality and magic because of the benefits they bring to rituals and magical practices. These powerful blends can enhance your spells, amulets and ritual candles, as well as influence different aspects of life.

How Esoteric Oils can enhance your spells, amulets and ritual candles

Here are some of their main benefits and uses:

  • Potentiation of intentions: Esoteric oils are designed to focus and amplify your intentions. By applying them to your ritual objects, such as candles or amulets, you can infuse them with energy and purpose, thus intensifying your intentions and increasing the chances of manifestation.

  • Protection and purification: Many esoteric oils are specifically designed for protection and purification. They can help create an energetic shield around you or your sacred space, dispel negative energies and remove spiritual blockages.

  • Attraction of positive energies: Some esoteric oils are meant to attract positive energies, such as love, abundance or success. They can be used to attract a loved one, strengthen your finances or enhance your business projects.

  • Emotional and spiritual support: Esoteric oils can also be used to provide emotional and spiritual support. They can help calm the mind, relieve stress, strengthen intuition and foster a connection with the divine.

Discover the ingredients and symbolism in the most popular Esoteric Oils

There are a wide variety of Esoteric Oils available, each with its own symbolism and purpose:

  • Spiritual Cleansing Oil: Cleansing Oil is used to purify and cleanse on both a physical and energetic level.
  • Path Opening Oil: Used to remove obstacles and open pathways to new opportunities.
  • Separation Oil: This oil is used to separate and break unwanted or negative ties. 
  • Attract Love Oil: Used to attract love and strengthen relationships.
  • Business Oil: This oil is used to enhance success and prosperity in business. 
  • Money Oil: Used to attract prosperity and financial stability.
  • Justice Oil: This oil is for seeking justice and fairness in legal or conflict situations.
  • Protection Oil: To create a shield of protection against negative energies or unwanted entities.
  • Perpetual Love Oil: This oil is used to strengthen and maintain long-term love relationships. 
  • Dominance Oil: For influence and control in specific situations.
  • Saint Jude Thaddeus Oil: This oil is associated with the figure of St. Jude Thaddeus, considered the saint of difficult and desperate causes. It is used to ask for help and protection in times of need.
  • Luck in Games of Chance Oil: To attract luck and improve chances in games of chance or risky situations.
  • Pomba Gira Oil: To increase passion in your relationship with your partner.
  • Against Infidelity Oil: To be in tune and in total harmony with your partner.
  • Health Oil: To relieve pain caused by different ailments of the body.
  • Peace And Tranquility Oil: To be in harmony with your body and mind.
  • Tie Couple Oil: To achieve to have by your side the person you love.
  • Honey Oil: To sweeten your relationships and smooth out the little roughness that may arise.

Frequently asked questions about Esoteric Oils

Do you still have doubts? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our users to help you.

What are Esoteric Oils, and how are they used in magic and rituals?

Esoteric Oils are blends of carrier oils and mystical ingredients used in magic and rituals. They are applied to ritual objects such as candles, amulets or the body to enhance intentions and energies. Their properties and aromas are believed to influence and amplify magical practices.

What are the benefits and properties of the different Esoteric Oils?

Different Esoteric Oils have specific benefits and properties. Some can purify and protect, while others attract love, abundance or business success. They can also strengthen intuition, provide emotional support and assist in the manifestation of desires. Their properties vary according to the ingredients used in each blend.

How can I apply and potentiate Esoteric Oils effectively in my practices?

To apply and potentiate Esoteric Oils effectively, you can:

  1. Use them in ritual objects, such as candles or amulets, by applying a few drops while visualising your intention.
  2. Activate the oils by charging them with your energy and establishing a personal connection before use.