Saint Jude Thaddeus Oil

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Saint Jude Thaddeus Oil


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Use: Saint Jude Thaddeus oil is very effective in answering any request in your heart that you need to find an answer to. This St. Jude oil has been macerated for a full year to ensure that it has acquired the necessary properties to give you effective results.


  • Volume: 30 ml
  • Measures: 7 cm x 3,3 cm


How and when to use the esoteric Saint Jude oil?

St. Jude Thaddeus Oil is an esoteric product made from virgin olive oil, which is considered a powerful conductor to divinity. It is macerated with various plants for at least a year, exposed to the sun and the moon. This oil is used to anoint or dress candles and candlesticks in rituals and petitions addressed to Saint Jude Thaddeus, seeking to enhance the desired results. By combining the properties of olive oil and macerated plants, it is intended to strengthen the connection with the divinity and obtain its support to manifest the intentions and wishes requested.

Examples of uses of Saint Jude Thaddeus Oil

Here are some practical situations that will help you understand the best time to use the oil of St. Jude:

  • To request the intercession of St. Jude Thaddeus in difficult or desperate situations.
  • In petitions related to health, seeking healing and well-being.
  • To attract divine protection and help in times of crisis or danger.
  • In rituals of thanksgiving and gratitude to Saint Jude Thaddeus.
  • To strengthen faith and spirituality in moments of doubt or uncertainty.
  • In situations where obstacles and difficulties are to be overcome.
  • To ask for reconciliation and harmony in conflictive relationships.
  • In times of searching for work, job stability or economic prosperity.
  • To ask for peace and harmony in the home and family.
  • In rituals to free yourself from negative situations and attract good luck and prosperity.

How many candles should I use?

We advise to always use 3 candles for 3 consecutive weeks. One each week on its corresponding day. The strength of the first candle will reinforce the second, and the strength of the first and second will reinforce the third. The result is more optimal than not lighting only one candle.

Ritual with the oil of Saint Jude Thaddeus

To perform a ritual with the oil of Saint Jude Thaddeus, first, clean and purify the space where you will perform the ceremony. Take a candle and anoint it with the oil from the base to the wick, while focusing your intention on the petition to St. Jude Thaddeus. Light the candle and visualise your wishes with faith and gratitude. Recite a prayer or sincere words addressed to St. Jude Thaddeus, asking for his intercession. Allow the candle to burn out completely, keeping your mind focused on the connection with divinity. Thank St. Jude Thaddeus for his support and spiritual guidance.

At Candle Art, we only work with the highest quality products, which is why we magnetise and ritualise all our oils and natural beeswax candles. The result is that your rituals will be much more effective.

Frequently asked questions about Saint Jude oil

These are frequently asked questions from our users about the candles needed to accompany the esoteric oil, we hope you find them helpful!

Is it safe to leave the candle burning unattended?

Keep an eye on the candle during the first hour of lighting. If it cries, the tear sticking to the base prevents it from lying down. Flicker glances at the candle as it burns. If you have pets, close the door to prevent them from knocking it down. As an extra precaution, do not allow anyone to sleep in the room where the ritual is being performed, as the flame consumes oxygen.

Does the candle leave residue or stains?

The candle leaves residue in the vessel after it is consumed, avoid leaving it outside the vessel. You can use a wooden board as protection underneath the aluminium container. However, it is best to place the candle in the centre of a room on the floor, away from other objects to avoid damage if it is knocked over.

If I have any doubts about which candle is right for me?

Candle Art will inform you via WhatsApp (+34)675 384 469 without any obligation which candle or which combination of candles you should use to solve your problem.

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