Rituals to get a job

Rituals to get a job

How to make a candle ritual for work

What are the steps to make a candle ritual for work?

  • Prepare the space: Choose a quiet place free of distractions to carry out your ritual. You can light incense or use essential oils that convey tranquillity.
  • Practice positive visualisation: Close your eyes and visualise your success at work. Imagine you are in the work environment you desire, feeling the satisfaction and achievement. This practice helps focus the mind on the desired outcome.
  • Use a symbolic object: Choose an object that represents your job search and place it in the centre. It can be a symbol related to your profession or something that inspires confidence.
  • Speak words of affirmation: Speak positive affirmations related to your career. Express your skills and visualise how companies recognise your worth.
  • Close the ritual: Be thankful for the opportunities that lie ahead and close your ritual with a sense of confidence and optimism.
    This ritual may not guarantee success, but it is certainly an effective tool for maintaining a positive mindset and not losing hope during the job search.

What colour candle to choose to get a job

  • Green candles: Green is associated with prosperity and growth, so it is an ideal colour to attract job opportunities and financial success.
  • Gold or yellow candles: These represent mental clarity and confidence. You can use them to improve your self-esteem and highlight your skills during job interviews.
  • Blue candles: They are related to communication and expression, so they can be useful to improve your communication skills during interviews and in the workplace.
    If you use all these candles, it’s only a matter of time before you get lucky! And, if you’ve been looking for a long time and still find that your CV doesn’t get noticed, maybe you can take a look at it too. Rituals can help you attract the positive energy you need, but they don’t work miracles and it takes a lot of effort to find a job. So, good luck with your search!

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