Sacred Heart of Jesus Candle

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Candle


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Use: The Sacred Heart of Jesus candle is very much related to high spirituality, so you can use it for healing rituals, white magic or any other kind of request. The Sacred Heart candle is perfect for unblocking pathways and attracting love into your life.


  • Colour: Natural
  • Measures: 23 cm x 7,5 cm


How and when to use the Sacred Heart of Jesus candle?

The Sacred Heart of Jesus candle is a symbol of devotion and faith in the Christian tradition. This ritual is associated with high spirituality, healing, white magic and petitions of any kind. Lighting this candle allows you to make requests for love and to unblock paths in life. 

Detailed instructions can be found on the inside of the wooden box that accompanies the candle pack. This candle represents the unconditional love of Jesus and is used as a tool to connect with his energy and seek his guidance and blessings in different aspects of life.

Examples of Sacred Heart of Jesus candle uses

Here are some examples of where you should use Sacred Heart of Jesus candles:

  • When you need physical or emotional healing, you can light the Sacred Heart of Jesus Candle and make requests for healing.
  • If you wish to receive spiritual guidance and find direction in times of confusion or difficulty, you can use the candle to connect with the energy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • In situations where you are seeking to unblock pathways and overcome obstacles in your life, you can light the candle and make requests for openness and flow.
  • If you are seeking to strengthen your love relationships and ask for divine love in your life, the candle can be used to manifest your wishes.
  • In times of uncertainty or need, you can light the candle and make requests of any kind, relying on the intercession of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • If you wish to cultivate a deeper connection with your spirituality and strengthen your relationship with Jesus, you can use the candle as a symbol of devotion and perform rituals of prayer and meditation.

How many candles should I use?

We advise to always use 3 candles for 3 consecutive weeks. One each week on its corresponding day. The strength of the first candle will reinforce the second and the strength of the first and second will reinforce the third. The result is more optimal than not lighting only one candle.

Ritual with the Sacred Heart of Jesus candles

A ritual with the Sacred Heart of Jesus candles can be performed as follows: find a quiet space and place the candles on an altar or sacred place. Light the candles with reverence and devotion, while directing your thoughts and petitions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You may recite special prayers or simply speak with sincerity and faith. Allow the candles to burn for a set time, focusing your intentions and connecting with the divine energy. During this time, meditate, pray or reflect in silence, feeling the loving presence of Jesus in your life. At the end of the ritual, give thanks and let the candles burn out completely.

At Candle Art, we only work with the highest quality natural beeswax candles and we magnetise and ritualise them with the specific needs of our clients in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sacred Heart of Jesus Candle

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our users regarding Sacred Heart of Jesus candles.

Does the Sacred Heart of Jesus Candle have a specific scent or fragrance?

Our candles are made with pure beeswax and a combination of about 30 crushed plants to achieve the desired purpose. They contain no added scents such as essential oils or essences. The scent of the plants can only be perceived at the end of the burning of the candle. Remember that this is not a decorative or aromatic candle, but an esoteric candle designed to improve or resolve a personal situation among the many that arise in life.

What should I do while the Sacred Heart of Jesus candle is burning?

During the ritual, it is advisable to focus our mind on the realisation of our desires. We visualise in our mind the situation we wish to obtain, as if it were a movie. The ritual will be impregnated with our intention. Although the candles have already been magnetised or ritualised for the specific purpose, conveying our good wishes and additional intentions does not hurt.

If I am in doubt which candle is right for me?

Candle Art will inform you via WhatsApp (+34) 675 384 469 without any obligation which candle or which combination of candles you have to use to solve your problem.

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