Salt candles

Candle and salt candles are very popular in some spiritual and mystical practices, especially in the field of magic and esotericism. Each salt candle we offer at Candle Art is made with the utmost care and precision so that they play a decisive role in your sacred exercises.


Discover the purifying power of Salt Candles: Harmony and cleanliness for your home.

Salt candles have been used for centuries as a tool for purification and harmonisation of spaces. These candles are made with salt, an element known for its purifying and energetic properties. If you are looking for a natural and effective way to cleanse your home of negative energies and promote harmony, salt candles can be an excellent choice.

Wide selection of Salt Candles with energetic and therapeutic properties

There is a wide selection of salt candles with energetic and therapeutic properties. These include white salt candles, which are characterised by their purifying and energy-balancing properties. There are also coarse salt candles, which are ideal for protection and the elimination of negative energies. Each type of salt candle offers unique benefits and adapts to different needs, providing an option for each person interested in using them in their cleansing and wellness practices.

Find the perfect salt candle to purify your space and eliminate negative energies.

When choosing a salt candle to purify your space, you should consider the following aspects:

  1. Purpose: Determine the specific purpose for which you want to use the candle: do you want to cleanse and purify the environment, remove negative energies or balance your emotions?
  2. Type of salt: Research the different types of salt used in candles. Each type has unique properties, so choose the one that aligns with your needs and preferences.
  3. Size and duration: Think about the size of the candle and the duration of the burn. If you want to purify a large space, you may need larger candles or candles that provide a larger amount of salt and therefore a longer burn time.

Benefits and features of Salt Candles in your cleansing rituals and practices

Salt candles are powerful tools that can enhance your rituals and cleansing practices, helping you to create a balanced and stress-free environment. These candles, made with salt as the main component, possess purifying and energetic properties that have been valued for centuries.

At Candle Art, we make sure that you do a proper spiritual cleansing of your home, which is why all of our candles are made with the highest quality salt and beeswax. Additionally, each candle is ritualised and magnetised for each of our customers’ requests.

How Salt Candles can help you to create a balanced and stress-free environment

  1. Purification of energies: When lit, they release the purifying properties of salt, helping to cleanse the environment and create a sense of calm and harmony.
  2. Emotional balance: Their soft, warm light creates a relaxing atmosphere conducive to meditation and introspection, allowing you to find a state of inner peace.
  3. Energetic protection: By using them in your rituals and practices, you can establish a protective shield that strengthens your energy field and helps you maintain a safe environment free from negative influences.

Discover different ways to use Salt Candles to cleanse and revitalise your spaces.

  1. Room Cleansing: Light a salt candle in the centre of a room and let it burn to purify the environment. Visualise how the light from the candle removes negative energies and renews the space.
  2. Cleaning objects: Pass a salt candle around objects that you wish to cleanse energetically, such as crystals, amulets or spiritual utensils. The salt will help to remove unwanted energies and restore the positive vibration of these objects.
  3. Salt baths: Place salt candles around your bathtub during a bath. The combination of the salt in the water and the salt candles will enhance the purifying and energetic effects of the bath, helping you to release tension and revitalise.
  4. Cleansing rituals: Incorporate salt candles into your cleansing rituals. You can light them while performing prayers, affirmations or visualisations, concentrating on the elimination of negative energies and the purification of your space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Salt Candles

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that have helped our previous customers to choose the best salt candles for every occasion.

What are Salt Candles, and how do they work to purify the environment?

Salt Candles are candles made using salt as the main component. When lit, they release the purifying properties of salt, absorbing and eliminating negative energies from the environment. Its flame and the heat generated help to cleanse and purify, creating a more harmonious environment.

What are the benefits of using Salt Candles for energetic and spiritual cleansing?

By using Salt Candles in energetic and spiritual cleansing, several benefits can be obtained, such as purification of the environment, elimination of negative energies, promotion of harmony and tranquillity, energetic protection and revitalisation of the space, contributing to a greater well-being and spiritual balance.

How can I use Salt Candles effectively in my home or workplace?

To use Salt Candles effectively, you can place them in key areas of your home or workplace, light them regularly to purify the environment and visualise the removal of negative energies. You can also combine them with other rituals or energy cleansing practices, adapting them to your personal needs and beliefs.