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Use: The salt candle helps us to meditate in a more intense way and opens our mind so that it is ready for clairvoyance and communication with the spiritual world. The Salt candle is perfect for tarot readings, spiritualistic sessions, alternative therapies, etc. Its natural colour will allow you to connect with your spirit guides.


  • Colour: Natural
  • Measurements: 20 cm x 3.6 cm


How and when to use the salt candle?

The salt candle is a candle made with natural salt, virgin wax and a combination of selected plants. This candle is used as a tool to facilitate meditation, clairvoyance and communication with the spirit world. It is particularly suitable for tarot readings, spiritualist sessions and alternative therapies. Salt is considered a purifying and protective element, while virgin wax provides a clean and bright flame. The plants used in the manufacture of coarse salt candles have aromatic and symbolic properties that complement the spiritual practice. Overall, the salt candle seeks to create an environment conducive to connection with the divine.

Examples of salt candle uses

Now that you know what the salt candle is for, here are some examples of situations in which you can use the candle to help you:

  • During a meditation session to increase concentration and spiritual connection.
  • In a tarot or card reading to set the mood and facilitate the interpretation of the symbols.
  • In an alternative therapy session, such as Reiki or energy healing, to enhance energy channelling and promote harmony.
  • In spiritualistic sessions or communication with entities from the spiritual world, as a way of opening a clear and safe channel of communication.
  • In rituals of purification and cleansing of spaces, eliminating negative energies and promoting an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

How many candles should I use?

We always recommend using 3 candles for 3 consecutive weeks. One each week on its corresponding day. The strength of the first candle will reinforce the second and the strength of the first and second will reinforce the third. The result is more optimal than not lighting only one candle.

Ritual with salt candles

Salt candles have many properties and with this ritual you can make them flourish:

  1. Prepare a quiet and clean space to perform the ritual.
  2. Light the salt candle, visualising how its flame purifies and protects the environment.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position and focus your mind on your intention, be it meditation, healing or spiritual communication.
  4. You can use the salt candle as a guide during a tarot reading, holding it close as you perform the interpretations.
  5. During a séance, place the candle in the centre and use its light to attract and establish a clear channel to the spirit world.
  6. If you are looking to purify a space, walk with the lit candle in every corner, allowing its energy to eliminate the negative.

At Candle Art we only work with pure beeswax candles and we ritualize and magnetize them according to the needs of our clients, so that they are very effective in rituals.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Salt Candle

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that Candle Art customers have asked us and we have answered them so that they can help you too.

Can I use the Salt Candle in any environment or only in certain places?

It is best to use the candle in places where there is a problem, such as in a business or at home. We suggest you light it on terrazzo or ceramic floors, as the flame is intense and could damage the varnish on a parquet floor or wooden furniture. To prevent the wax from spilling or damaging nearby objects, each shipment includes a small circular aluminium container where you can safely light the candle.

Does the Salt Candle have a specific scent or fragrance?

Our candles are made from pure beeswax and a blend of about 30 crushed plants to address the issues we wish to resolve. These candles have no additional scents, such as essential oils or essences. However, when they burn, you will be able to smell the natural aroma of the plants. It is important to note that these candles are not decorative or scented, they are esoteric candles designed to improve and resolve personal situations that arise in life. They are powerful tools for personal growth and transformation.

If I have doubts in choosing which candle is right for me?

Candle Art will inform you via WhatsApp (+34)675 384 469 without any obligation what candle or what combination of candles you have to use to solve your problem.

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