¿ Who are we ?

¿ Who are we ?

Candle Art is entirely dedicated to the creation of high-quality, handmade esoteric candles, made from 100% beeswax with a mix of plants, roots and seeds. The herbal formulas have been created specifically for each candle.

Our high quality raw materials and their energetic preparation have ensured that our candles obtain exceptionally positive and rapid results.

We have more than 300 varieties that touch on all of life’s situations, such as Energy Cleanse, Open Roads, Luck, Distance Negative Relationships, Attract Positive Relationships, Love, Business, Money, Employment, Exams, Studies, Protection… there is a description of and comments about each of our products on our website. 


– 100% PURE BEESWAX without additives. What makes spiritual communication optimal to obtain a request.

– The herbal formulation contained in our candles is of a very careful quality. All herbal mixtures are carefully collected. Each one with its herbal combination of between 30/40 plants. The herbal formula or the colors are not repeated.

– They have their exclusive and secret formula, according to the purpose for which it is intended.

– These candles are magnetically energized one by one with our traditional system. As a result we will obtain surprising and fast results.

Manufactured by hand, they are not subject to industrial manufacturing. In the current market there are many candles, at a generic level, but very few of this quality and result.

Free advice. We listen to you