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St.Cyprian Candle


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Use: is effective in healing, protector against maleficence, frees from spells and possessions, grants all kinds of requests, legal matters, envy and jealousy. Saint Cyprian is the patron Saint of white magic.


  • To do the ritual on Tuesday
  • Colour: Natural.
  • Measures: 20 cm x 3,6 cm 


How and when to use the St. Cyprian candle?

The St. Cyprian’s candle, also known as the anti-curse candle, is an object used in esoteric and folk magic practices. St. Cyprian was a 3rd century Christian saint and magician, revered for his knowledge of the art of magic and protection against evil spells.

The St. Cyprian’s candle is used as a means of counteracting curses and bad energies. It is lit with a specific intention, whether it is for personal protection, undoing evil spells or removing obstacles in life. The spiritual power of Saint Cyprian is channelled through the candle, providing protection and neutralising negative influences.

Examples of uses of the St. Cyprian’s Candle

Now that you know what the St Cyprian’s candle is for, it is good for you to look at some examples of specific situations where you will need to make use of it:

  • When you feel you have been the object of a curse or hex.
  • Before facing a conflictual or dangerous situation, to obtain protection.
  • When you need to remove obstacles that are blocking your path to success.
  • If you experience a series of negative events or unexplained misfortunes.
  • To break the influence of negative energies in your home or workplace.
  • When you wish to remove harmful people or situations from your life.
  • Before embarking on a new project or starting a business, to ensure its success and protection.
  • If you are under the influence of bad vibrations or undesirable presences.
  • When you want to cleanse and purify your aura or personal energy.
  • To reverse an adverse situation and attract good luck and prosperity.

How many candles should I use?

We advise to always use 3 candles for 3 consecutive weeks. One each week on its corresponding day. The strength of the first candle will reinforce the second, and the strength of the first and second will reinforce the third. The result is more optimal than not lighting just one candle.

St. Cyprian’s Candle Ritual

The St. Cyprian candle ritual is a process that involves an intentional and respectful approach. First, a yellow and red candle is chosen, representing protection and purification. On Tuesday, it is placed in a safe place and lit with a wooden match. St. Cyprian is invoked, asking for his help and protection against curses or negative situations. The desired result is visualised while the candle burns and prayers or words of power can be recited. Once the candle is completely consumed, thank St. Cyprian and trust that his protective energy is present.

Frequently asked questions about the St. Cyprian candle

Now that you know about the St. Cyprian candle and how to use it, let’s give you the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our Candle Art users.

What do I have to do while the St. Cyprian candle is burning?

During the ritual, let our imagination run wild and enthusiastically visualise the fulfilment of our wishes. Like film directors, we create in our mind the perfect scene we want to achieve. The ritual will be infused with our energy and longing, enhancing its effect. Although the candles are already ritualised and magnetised for each specific client, it doesn’t hurt to send good wishes and good intentions – let’s put all our faith and positive energy into this powerful St. Cyprian’s ritual!

Does the St. Cyprian’s candle have a specific scent or fragrance?

Our candles are a wonderful combination of pure beeswax and a magical blend of about 30 crushed plants. Each of them has a specific purpose to help us solve our problems. You won’t find any artificial scent here! You will only smell the subtle, comforting scent of the plants as they burn at the end of the candle. Remember, these candles are not merely decorative or scented, they are true esoteric tools designed to improve and fix personal situations in our lives, let yourself be enveloped by their power and transformation!

If I have doubts in choosing which candle is right for me?

Candle Art will inform you via WhatsApp (+34) 675 384 469 without any obligation what candle or what combination of candles you have to use to solve your problem.

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